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New Equipment!
Longer Days!


New Equipment
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New Equipment!

 Everything is going great for us! We are very excited about things happening here at Catalina Imports. We have hired an additional mechanic and are installing a new lift as I type.
 Two weeks ago we purchased a SOLUS PRO. The SOLUS PRO takes the on-board diagnostic capabilities into the future. We are current on our updates providing diagnostics for automobiles as late as 2009 some 2010. So if you are tired of lights on you dash and the dealership is just not where you want to be, come on out to Catalina Imports and we will hook you up.  

Longer Days!

Now that the days are getting longer there is more time to spend with your car.  Time to do some of the things you've been wanting to do. Or just enjoy the beautiful days and ride.


It is almost Springtime. Time to get those great cars out, tuned up and ready to ride. MG, Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Triumph, Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Honda all makes and models. Bring them out to Catalina Imports in Leeds. We will make sure they are ready for the beautiful days to come.   
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